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The approach of the RoundTable™ is very simple but highly effective. Every person
understands the value of two-way communication. However, the most common form of
training used is one-way communication where one person talks and everyone else listens.
This may be a good way to convey information, but it is not effective for transformation.
RoundTables employ two-way communication in a structured environment. Ideas are
not taught; they are facilitated. During a RoundTable, a designated person leads, but
all participants share from their own experience. As a result, everyone grows together.
RoundTables are effective because:

  • They are conducted in a small group setting consisting of four to ten people.
  • They usually take between thirty (four people) and sixty (ten people) minutes.
  • They give every participant a “voice” and the opportunity for a win.
  • They are designed to emphasize and promote personal growth.

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Astrid Meyer

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5 sessions of 1h webinar


RoundTable Facilitator Training Guide in PDF




Once a week