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Transformation Table CHANGE YOUR WORLD

Why a Transformation Table? And why now?

There is no more important mission than to give others the chance to dream of a better life and equip them to live it. There is no better way to do this than to help them identify and align their lives with core human values.

Transformation tables link awareness and action!

In these courses, one of the most important aspects of the process is how participants are encouraged to link self-awareness with application.

The transformation tables allow participants to follow a similar developmental path in the group. When we decide to learn to align with values and commit to doing so with the same group of people each week, knowing where we are going, measuring how far we have gone, and building on the results in our lives, we can see our progress.

Are you ready to join a transformation table? Are you ready to work on yourself, to discover the areas in which you want to grow? Are you ready to invite others to the table to join you on this journey of growth? If you’re ready, enter the process.

Join us at the “Change Your World” transformation table.

Here are the values:

  • Hope
  • Listening
  • Valuing each person
  • Integrity
  • Forgiveness
  • Multiplication

Yes, I would like to join a “CHANGE YOUR WORLD” Transformation Table.

These Transformational Tables are created by John Maxwell Foundation and organised by John Maxwell Team membres.


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6 sessions of 1 hour by online zoom meeting


6 values in PDF




Once a week