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Global Priority is a world leader in implementing the message of values-driven leadership. For more than 30 years GPS focused their attention on developing high-capacity, values-driven leaders. In the last 7 years they have been working with national and government institutions to implement Corporate Campaigns that have changed many toxic cultures.

Global Priority brings 45+ character-based values to small and large organizations all around the world. Global Priority was founded by businessmen John Schrock and Bernie Torrence, who started working with mostly entrepreneurs and CEO’s of corporations to bring the character-based material to the business community. Many leaders saw the value in having their boards, management teams, and employees go through the values in a RoundTable™ format on a weekly basis. The impact on business morale and productivity was tremendous!

Over the years, the values have been honed by adding benefits, characteristics, steps to follow, and the action box. The Methodology was also captured so that others could be trained to implement it, and the RoundTables™ began spilling into every stream of society, including government officials, educational administration, and influential outreach leaders.

Today GPS  is still leading the way in a values-thirsty society by offering the materials they have developed, the experience they have accumulated, and the stories they have seen lived all around the world. They have collaborated with organizations like Equip and the The John Maxwell Team, in country transformation in Paraguay, Guatemala and Costa Rica. They are in over 100 nations around the world. The stories of transformation are rich, and the beautiful thing is… there are still stories to be told.


Our Mission is to take your corporate values off the wall and put them into the hearts and minds of people! What if there was a way to change the culture of your organization, a school system, the government or an entire nation? We’ve spent the last 30 years doing just that as we’ve seen all sectors of society changed by embracing a common set of values.

Just as the butterfly experiences metamorphosis, so a participant in Global Priority RoundTables™ experiences transformation in their life.


We begin with “thought leaders”, creating shifts in approach and perspective. We do not dictate—WE COLLABORATE.

Our custom solutions are designed for those looking to create long-term, sustainable, positive transformation within organizations. Then we involve tools to develop a culture that ensures maximum buy-in. This bridges insights into action through best practices in leadership, culture, customer experience, brand loyalty, creativity, and innovation.

Many leaders are aware of the needs in their organization, but don’t know where to begin. With our evaluation tool  we can help to create the framework of changing cultures. We begin with RoundTables™ to create the atmosphere of positive change.


Global Priority Solutions offers 45+ values separated into 5 module books. Individuals, small groups and businesses may use our effective RoundTable™ Methodology while exploring the 45+ character values.

Our weekly RoundTable™ Methodology creates a self-discovery process, which has been proven to bring personal transformation, as well as corporate culture change in organizations. Ideas are not taught—they are facilitated. RoundTables™ employ two-way communication in a group of 4-10 people for a time period of 30-60 minutes. During this time every participant is given a “voice” and the opportunity for a win.

The RoundTable™ Methodology creates an environment that is a key part of bringing change. The RoundTable™ is very simple to duplicate and allows for stimulating discussion to take place. By engrafting values into your life, you will become a powerful influencer.

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Dawn Yoder

CIO Global Priority Solutions

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Founder GPS

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Spécialiste of Global Priority Solutions GPS

John Maxwell Team coach and executive director 



Bernie Torrence

Founder GPS

Mike Poulin

Trainer GPS

Lisa Troyer

GPS specialiste, Macciato moments specialiste

John Maxwell

John Maxwell Company, John Maxwell Team, Country Transformation, Change Your World 

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