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The approach of the RoundTable™ is very simple but highly effective. Every person understands the value of two-way communication. However, the most common form of training used is one-way communication where one person talks and everyone else listens. This may be a good way to convey information, but it is not effective for transformation. RoundTables employ two-way communication in a structured environment. Ideas are
not taught; they are facilitated.

RoundTables are effective because:

  • They are conducted in a small group setting consisting of four to ten people.
  • They usually take between thirty (four people) and sixty (ten people) minutes.
  • They give every participant a “voice” and the opportunity for a win.
  • They are designed to emphasize and promote personal growth.
  • As a result, everyone grows together.

During this training you will learn:

  • the methodologie of Round Tables
  • how to lead a RoundTable
  • how to engage all participants share from their own experience and coach their action step
  • you will discover 48 values
  • we will practice 4 of them


    After this cours, as a certified GPS facilitator you have access:

    • to 48 values  in english
    • + 12 more values for JMT membres
    • to become an instructor GLOBAL HUMAN VALUES and present your RoundTables here (with professionel zoom account integrated,  personal web-page, documents in protected pdf version, marketing system -> for free! (20% participation on sold courses) exemple:
    • assistance and support
    • workspace for teams per languages to start country transformation
    • to the advanced course that gives you access to an evaluation tool, to determine the most important values to start with and build your own modules.

    Course Setup


    Astrid Meyer

    Course type

    5 sessions of 1h webinar


    RoundTable Facilitator Training Guide in PDF




    Once a week on Tuesday
    18:00 – 19:30
    Time zone: Central European Time (UTC+2)
    September 21st, 28th / October 5th, 12th, 19th 2021